Cases of cardiovascular disease have nearly doubled since 1990 and deaths from cardiovascular disease have increased by 50%. In 2019, there were 18.6 million deaths due to cardiovascular disease, or 50000 people per day. Coronary heart disease (which causes myocardial infarction and angina pectoris) accounted for half of the world's cardiovascular deaths last year. Strokes accounted for one in three. The remaining 16% were due to other cardiovascular diseases such as aortic aneurysms, myocarditis or peripheral arterial disease.

At the CNIC we try to remedy this situation through scientific research and the translation of its results to the patient. You can help us through scientific sponsorship, since the funds you contribute will be used to generate new research contracts, improve equipment or allow the purchase of reagents for new projects. Join the growing group of people who are committed to science and participate financially in the promotion of scientific research with their contribution or by donating their legacy. If you want to be a benefactor and collaborate with the Spanish science of excellence carried out at CNIC you have several options:

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