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E.g., 08/03/2021
E.g., 08/03/2021
17 Sep 2020

The results published in Nature Metabolism could be useful to design new treatments for the obese and overweight, and for some associated pathologies, including fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes

4 May 2020

The study shows that the replication of flu virus particles infecting the heart blocks the transmission of cardiac electrical impulses

Atrial electroanatomic map of a pig with persistent AFib. The regions colored magenta, purple, and dark blue have high mean FM values. These regions maintain the AFib, and their ablation with a catheter stops the arrhythmia. The squares represent the sites of rotational activity, which are sensitive but not specific to the regions that maintain the fibrillation.
12 Sep 2019

The new study was conducted by investigators at the CNIC, the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid, and the CiberCV research network and is featured on the cover of the latest edition of the journal Circulation Research

Annalaura Mastrangelo, David Sancho, Salvado Iborra, María Martínez-López y Ruth Conde Garrosa.
30 Jan 2019

The study, published in Immunity, shows that some intestinal bacteria, such as Lactobacillus, strengthen the intestinal barrier by interacting with an immune cell receptor called Mincle (Clec4e)

From left to right: David Sancho, Carlos del Fresno, Paula Saz, and Sarai Martínez Cano.
19 Oct 2018

CNIC researchers have discovered a new inflammatory control mechanism that paves the way to controlling injury generated during the immune response

Los participantes de la CNIC Conference
About the CNIC
13 Nov 2017

The CNIC Conference entitled “Atrial Fibrillation: from Mechanisms to Population Science”, joined together 126 world experts in the field of atrial fibrillation in very different areas of expertise

The CNIC research team. From left to right: Andrés Hidalgo, David Sancho, Sarai Martínez-Cano, Salvador Iborra, Elena Priego, Michel Enamorado, and Juan Antonio Quintana.
17 Jul 2017

The study, published in Nature Communications, demonstrates that tissue-resident and circulating memory T cells cooperate in anti-tumor immunity

22 Jul 2013

El pasado viernes Pablo, Ana, Víctor, Elena, Marta, David, Claudio y Cristina terminaron sus intensos diez días de inmersión en la investigación cardiovascular, que han llevado a cabo en nuestro centro

31 Jul 2010

El European Research Council (ERC) es la primera organización europea que colabora a la financiación de proyectos de investigación fundamental basados en la excelencia científica de un investigador