Carla Huerta López

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As a result of her early interest in translational research, Carla obtained a Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology by the University of Oviedo and a Master Degree in Genetics and Cell Biology by the Autonomous and Complutense University of Madrid and by the University of Alcalá de Henares. In summer 2015, Carla joined the Molecular Mechanics of the Cardiovascular System laboratory at the CNIC as a CICERONE student and, thanks to a predoctoral Grant, Carla is currently undergoing her PhD training, where she is developing smart protein-based biomaterials able to mimic muscle tissue, as part of the translational research line of the group.

Member of the Asturian Biotechnologists Association (ASBAS) since 2012, Carla also collaborates in different divulgative activities and, nowadays, she is part of the Biotech Annual Congress (BAC2016, Organizing Committee.