Functional Genomics

The central research aim of the CNIC Functional Genomics Research Group is to understand how genome activity is regulated during development and how it contributes to human disease. For this, our projects are aimed to search for and identify distal acting cis-regulatory sequences, and elucidate how they act on their target genes. Our studies also involve the study of the 3D structure organization of the chromatin and the gene regulatory networks underlying a specific biological state. We do so by using a combination of bioinformatics, structural genomics, genome-wide analysis, CRISPR genome editing, and functional assays in transgenic animal models and in stem cells.

We are applying this approach to the study of three basic questions:

  • How are lineage decisions taken, from the pluripotent state to the specification of different cell types?
  • What is the contribution of regulatory variation to the normal and diseased cardiovascular system?
  • Which are the genomic and epigenomic changes that occur during cardiovascular disease progression and chronification?

In the Know more section you will find more information about our current projects.