Leica GSD Single Molecule Localization by Ground-State Depletion (dSTORM)

Based on standard immunostaining techniques it is a flexible system that combines TIRF and epifluorescence with single molecule localization imaging achieving a lateral resolution of up to 20 nm.  Customized for N&B application on live cells.

Leica microscope with side camera, special vibration table, incubator chamber and laser rack
ApplicationsdSTORM/GSD (Ground-State Depletion), TIRF, N&B, wide field microscopy
SoftwareLAS AF V 4.0.0. 11706
ObjectivesHCX PL APO 160x NA 1.43 Oil
HCX PL APO 20x NA 0.7 Dry
IncubatorLarge size incubator for temperature and CO2 control
StagesManual in XY, Motorized stage in Z axis
Sample Setup35 mm Petri dishes and standard microscope slides
Illumination SourceHigh power solid state diode lasers:
405 nm (30mW)
488 nm (300mW)
532 nm (500mW)
642 nm (500mW)
Intensilight fluorescence lamp
Detectors/CamerasEMCCD back-illuminated camera ANDOR iXON Ultra DU897
FiltersQGS: Blue, Green, Red, FarRed:
     Exc: 400-410; 483-493; 527-537; 637-647.
     Dichroic: 417; 496; 544; 655.
     Em: 421-477; 497-519; 547-621; 666-732.