Useful new molecules for the treatment of liver cancer

  • The present invention provides compounds capable of inhibiting the intracellular expression of the p38 gamma and/or delta protein in the hepatocytes of a subject relative to that observed in the absence of the compound for use in the therapeutic treatment of liver cancer.

    The compounds given in the patent application are selected from p38 gamma or delta gene silencer compounds such as siRNAs or shRNAs, a peptide and a list of different chemical compounds, some of which are described in this invention for the first time.

    • Number EP15382308
    • Priority date 06/12/2015
    • Applicants CNIC, CSIC
    • Inventors Guadalupe Sabio Buzo, Antonia Tomás Loba, Bárbara González Terán, Elisa Manieri, Ana Martinez Gil, Carmen Gil Ayuso-Gontán

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