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Sreenivasan K, Ianni A, Kunne C, Strilic B, Gunther S, Perdiguero E, Kruger M, Spuler S, Offermanns S, Gomez-Del Arco P, Redondo JM, Munoz-Canoves P, Kim J, Braun T Attenuated Epigenetic Suppression of Muscle Stem Cell Necroptosis Is Required for Efficient Regeneration of Dystrophic Muscles Cell Rep (2020) 31:107652
Robles-Vera I, Toral M, de la Visitacion N, Sanchez M, Gomez-Guzman M, Munoz R, Algieri F, Vezza T, Jimenez R, Galvez J, Romero M, Redondo JM, Duarte J Changes to the gut microbiota induced by losartan contributes to its antihypertensive effects Br J Pharmacol (2020) 177:2006-2023
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Robles-Vera I, Toral M, de la Visitacion N, Sanchez M, Gomez-Guzman M, Romero M, Yang T, Izquierdo-Garcia JL, Jimenez R, Ruiz-Cabello J, Guerra-Hernandez E, Raizada MK, Perez-Vizcaino F, Duarte J. Probiotics Prevent Dysbiosis and the Raise in Blood Pressure in Genetic Hypertension: Role of Short-chain Fatty Acids. Mol Nutr Food Res (2020) 64:e1900616
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Robles-Vera I, Visitacion N, Toral M, Sanchez M, Gomez-Guzman M, O'Valle F, Jimenez R, Duarte J, Romero M Toll-like receptor 7-driven lupus autoimmunity induces hypertension and vascular alterations in mice J Hypertens (2020) Feb 4 [Epub ahead of print]
Robles-Vera I, Toral M, de la Visitacion N, Aguilera-Sanchez N, Redondo JM, Duarte J Protective Effects of Short-Chain Fatty Acids on Endothelial Dysfunction Induced by Angiotensin II Front Physiol (2020) 11:277
de la Visitacion N, Robles-Vera I, Toral M, O'Valle F, Moleon J, Gomez-Guzman M, Romero M, Duarte M, Sanchez M, Jimenez R, Duarte J Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716 prevents renal damage in the NZBWF1 mouse model of systemic lupus erythematosus Food Funct (2020) May 27 [Epub ahead of print]
Vezza T, Rodriguez-Nogales A, Algieri F, Garrido-Mesa J, Romero M, Sanchez M, Toral M, Martin-Garcia B, Gomez-Caravaca AM, Arraez-Roman D, Segura-Carretero A, Micol V, Garcia F, Utrilla MP, Duarte J, Rodriguez-Cabezas ME, Galvez J The metabolic and vascular protective effects of Olive (Olea europaea L.) leaf extract in diet-induced obesity in mice are related to the amelioration of gut microbiota dysbiosis and to its immunomodulatory properties Pharmacol Res (2019) 150:104487
Martinez-Martinez S, Lozano-Vidal N, Lopez-Maderuelo MD, Jimenez-Borreguero LJ, Armesilla AL, Redondo JM. Cardiomyocyte calcineurin is required for the onset and progression of cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in adult mice. FEBS J (2019) 286:46-65
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Urso K, Fernandez A, Velasco P, Cotrina J, de Andres B, Sanchez-Gomez P, Hernandez-Lain A, Hortelano S, Redondo JM, Cano E. NFATc3 controls tumour growth by regulating proliferation and migration of human astroglioma cells. Sci Rep (2019) 9:9361
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