Alba Álvarez Franco


Alba obtained her degree in Biology from the University of Salamanca. She has been trained as bioinformatician since she was sophomore, dealing with data analysis related with replication and chromatin structure in Francisco Antequera's lab of Functional organization of the eukaryotic genome at IBFG. Then she got involved in María Gómez Lab (CBMSO), to do a Master in Biomedicine, contributing specially with the replication and chromatin landscape of Leishmania major parasite. She is currently doing her PhD at Miguel Manzanares Lab (CNIC), as bioinformatician in the group, and finishing a Master in Bioinformatics and Computional Biology organized by ISC-III. In the lab, she is interested in the study of the regulatory networks of atrial fibrillation through the integration of transcriptome and proteome profiles, and the analysis of chromatin topology at early developmental stages in mice