Electrophysiologist for the Molecular Cardiology Laboratory.

Fin del plazo de presentación de solicitudes: 
Sábado, Noviembre 4, 2017

The CNIC Foundation has been conceived to develop research of excellence, competitive and of international relevance in relation to cardiovascular diseases. The Foundation has a research center of 24,000 m2, located in Madrid, with more than 6,000 m2 for laboratories equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment.

The CNIC is considering applications for an Electrophysiologist for the Molecular Cardiology Laboratory directed by Professor Silvia G Priori. The laboratory is focused on the study of mechanisms underlying an inherited arrhythmic disease called long QT Syndrome. The group is also focusing on the development of innovative advanced therapies for the treatment of this disease in order to feel the unmet needs of patients.

We are therefore searching for an individual with a degree in medicine and a specialization in Cardiology who has competence in performing in vivo studies on large mammals.

Mandatory requirements
  • Degree in medicine
  • Specialization in Cardiology
  • The Specialization in Cardiology must have been obtained in 2013 or later.
  • Not holding training contract based on the Specialization in Cardiology academic degree in other companies.

Valuable Requirements

  • Competence in performing in vivo studies in pigs that include ECG recordings, Programmed Electrical stimulation and Cardiac mapping of arrhythmic events.
  • Experience in isolation of cardiac myocytes from the heart of pigs.
  • Competence in reading electrocardiograms.
  • Competence in performing and interpreting echocardiography in pigs.
  • Competence in English language.

We offer:

  • Joining a research center with international relevance in science. Linked to the       public sector and managed by a foundation.
  • Integration in young teams in an environment of scientific excellence.
  • Access to modern infrastructure with the latest technology.
  • Competitive remuneration according to experience and qualification.
  • Immediate incorporation.
  • 6-month part-time internship contract, extendable up to two years with 100% of the remuneration established for the category.

SELECTION PLAN: Only the 3 candidates with the highest score, if greater than 75 points as result of the sum of the evaluable criteria (C1 – C4), will be interviewed. The candidate with the highest score will be hired (if total score is greater than 90 points). If any candidate scores 90 or more total points nobody will be hired.

The CNIC is a center that advocates equal job opportunities for men and women, foreign and national, and promote nondiscrimination by reason of age, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, language, disability, political orientation or social or economic conditions. The CNIC ensures the utmost rigor in the application of the principles of equality, merit and ability in public employment and current rules on data protection.

Criterios de puntuación: 
C1 - Demonstrable competence in performing in vivo studies in pigs - 25%
C2 - Knowledge in electrocardiography and echocardiography in pigs - 20%
C3 - Experience in the isolation of cardiac myocytes from the heart of pigs - 20%
C4 - Competence in English language - 15%
C5 - Interview - (The 3 candidates with the highest score (if greater than 75 points, will be interviewed) - 20%

"En caso de ausencia de alguno de los evaluadores se nombrará un evaluador alternativo de la misma área"