Senior Technician for the Bioinformatics Unit

Fin del plazo de presentación de solicitudes: 
Jueves, Marzo 7, 2019

The CNIC has been conceived to develop research of excellence, competitive and of international relevance in relation to cardiovascular diseases. The CNIC has a research center of 24,000 m2, located in Madrid, with more than 6,000 m2 for laboratories equipped with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment.

A senior technician position is available at the CNIC Bioinformatics Unit, led by Dr. Fátima Sánchez-Cabo. We are seeking for a highly motivated scientist to develop new methodologies and to assist CNIC scientists with the analysis of single-cell and whole tissue expression data in the context of cardiovascular research projects. Candidates will hold a PhD and should have ample experience, expertise in the indicated techniques/fields and an excellent publication record, as detailed below.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Ph.D. in Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Proven working experience (>5 years) in a Bioinformatics Core facility working in the analysis of Transcriptomics and other Next Gen Sequencing data applied to cardiovascular research
  • Proven research experience (at least 5 documented projects) in single-cell analysis experiments based on NGS technologies.
  • Significant (at least 2 years) experience working in a scientific institution abroad.
  • Record of publications (we expect candidates to be co-authors, as bioinformatics contributors, of at least 15 publications in peer-reviewed journals.)
  • Strong programming skills. Languages: Perl, Python, R, Bash. Environment/OS: Linux, Unix (Shell Script), Windows
  • Experience (at least 5 years) in the design and execution of molecular and cellular biology experiments.


  • Development of novel methods and tools for the analysis of single-cell and whole tissue transcriptomics data.
  • Development of novel methods and tools for the integration of the transcriptomics data with other types of data generated by the researches at CNIC.
  • Analysis of NGS and other type of high-throughput molecular data generated by the researches at CNIC
  • Supervision of Master and undergraduate bioinformatics students.
  • Active contribution to the improvement of bioinformatics skills of CNIC researchers through one to one consultancy and organization of bioinformatics courses.

We offer:

  • Competitive salary according to the candidate’s expertise and qualification.
  • Permanent contract (contrato indefinido)
  • Joining a research center with international relevance and integration, in an excellent bioinformatics unit doing cutting-edge research and collaborating with leading research teams.
  • Access to modern infrastructure with the latest technology.
  • Starting date: early 2019

The coverage of the position through an indefinite contract is subject to the mandatory authorization of the Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas.

Selection Plan:

We will interview at least the 3 candidates with the highest score, as long as those candidates score more than 75 points in our evaluation criteria C1 – C6. The candidate that will be hired will be the one with the highest score selected among all the candidates with a global score (C1-C7) of 80 or more points.

The CNIC is a center that advocates equal job opportunities for men and women, foreign and national, and promote nondiscrimination by reason of age, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, language, disability, political orientation or social or economic conditions. The CNIC ensures the utmost rigor in the application of the principles of equality, merit and ability in public employment and current rules on data protection.

Criterios de puntuación: 
C1 - Experiencia (al menos 5 años) trabajando en una unidad central de bioinformática en análisis de transcriptómica y otros datos de NGS aplicados a la investigación cardiovascular (se valorará en función del número de años o fracción) - 40%
C2 - Experiencia (al menos 5 proyectos) en experimentos de análisis single-cell basados en tecnologías NGS (se valorará en función del número de años o fracción) - 20%
C3 - Experiencia (al menos 2 años) en instituciones científicas en el extranjero (se valorará en función del número de años o fracción) - 10%
C4 - Publicaciones (al menos 15 publicaciones como colaborador bioinformático en revistas revisadas por pares) - 5%
C5 - Habilidades de programación (Lenguajes de programación: Perl, Python, R, Bash; SO: Linux, Unix [Shell script], Windows) (se valorará en función del número de años o fracción) - 5%
C6 - Experiencia (al menos 5 años) en el diseño y ejecución de experimentos de biología molecular y celular (se valorará en función del número de años o fracción) - 5%
C7 - Entrevista - 15%

"En caso de ausencia de alguno de los evaluadores se nombrará un evaluador alternativo de la misma área"