Technician Position in the Experimental Pathology of Atherosclerosis

Fin del plazo de presentación de solicitudes: 
Viernes, Julio 7, 2017

Technician Position in the Experimental Pathology of Atherosclerosis lab available at Spanish Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC) Madrid (Spain)

 A lab technician position is available to develop the project “Pathophysiology and detection of atherosclerosis (PANDA)” directed by Dr. Jacob Fog Bentzon at the CNIC. The project will investigate interaction of lipoproteins with the arterial wall during the development of atherosclerosis.

 For more information about the laboratory see:

 Job Description:

  • The main role of the technician will be to perform histopathology on tissues from animal models, including immunostaining, and assist in genotyping and the maintenance of mouse colonies. It may also include other tasks depending on the skills and experience of the person. Work will be conducted in collaboration with students and researchers of the lab. Communication in the research group is mainly in English.

 Minimum requirements:

  • Biosanitary Professional Training Middle Grade/ “Formación Profesional Biosanitaria de Grado Medio” with at least 5 years of experience as lab technician or Biosanitary Professional Training High Grade with more than 2 years of experience as lab technician.

 Assessable requirements (will count favourably):

  • Hands-on experience with preparation of tissue sections.
  • Broad knowledge of laboratory techniques and organization (RNA and DNA techniques, PCR, immunohistochemistry and others)
  • Mice colonies management and animal handling (treatments, injections, organ extractions, etc.)
  • Ability to communicate in English – spoken and written.
  • We want a hard worker and valuable person with high capacity to integrate and work in a team.

  PLAN DE SELECCIÓN: Se entrevistarán sólo a aquellos candidatos con una puntuación superior a 60 puntos y se contratara al candidato con mayor puntuación siempre que supere 80 puntos.


Steffensen LB et al. Disturbed laminar blood flow vastly augments lipoprotein retention in the artery wall. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2015;35:1928-35 (Open Access).

 The CNIC offers:

  • Incorporation into a consolidated Research Center of international scientific relevance, within the public sector and managed by a Foundation.
  • Integration into an excellent scientific environment.
  • Access to a modern infrastructure and advanced technologies.
  • Significant possibilities for personal development.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Facilities for specific training in novel aspects related with the offered job.

The CNIC is a center that advocates equal job opportunities for men and women, foreign and national, and promote nondiscrimination by reason of age, race or ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, language, disability, political orientation or social or economic conditions. The CNIC ensures the utmost rigor in the application of the principles of equality, merit and ability in public employment and current rules on data protection.

Criterios de puntuación: 
C1 - Experience with histopathology - 35%
C2 - Broad knowledge of laboratory techniques - 20%
C3 - Mice colonies management and animal handling - 15%
C4 - Interview (in English) - Only applicants that score 60% in C1-C3 will be invited to the interview - 30%

"En caso de ausencia de alguno de los evaluadores se nombrará un evaluador alternativo de la misma área"