María José Andreu Sauqué


Mariajo received her BSc in Pharmacy from Universitat de Barcelona and obtained her PhD at the same university on November 2013. During her thesis in the lab of Dr. Gerardo Jiménez at the Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona (IBMB-CSIC), she studied the molecular mechanisms by which RTK signaling regulates genetic expression during metazoan development using as a model dorso-ventral patterning specification in Drosophila. In her postdoctoral period, Mariajo was interested in carrying on studying the mechanisms of genetic regulation that operate during animal development, and she joined the lab of Dr. Miguel Manzanares at CNIC on November 2014. Since then she has been investigating how 3D chromatin structure is first assembled during early mouse development and the role of CTCF in the process.