Foreword and CNIC mission

Vicente Andrés

Basic Research Director

Valentín Fuster

General Director

Borja Ibáñez

Clinical Research Director

In 2018, the Pro CNIC Foundation renewed its commitment to the CNIC for a further 10 years. The CNIC has been a Severo Ochoa Center of Excellence program since the inaugural awards in 2012. The most recent award was mainly used to fund seven intramural projects in a competitive call aimed at fostering collaborative projects between basic and clinical research groups. The CNIC is also a member of the alliance of Severo Ochoa Centers and María de Maeztu Units (SOMMa).

The CNIC also benefits from the external support and advice of its Scientific Advisory Board, composed of leading international experts who provide guidance on strategy and recruitment and regularly evaluate the performance of the Center and its group leaders. In 2018, José Javier Fuster and Carlos Pérez Medina joined the Center as Assistant Professor and Assistant Health Scientist, respectively.

The impressive collection of high-impact publications in 2018 also documents the CNIC’s wider social engagement. The Center’s translational studies bear testimony to the enthusiastic participation of healthy volunteers, patients, and emergency service personnel in efforts to define the causes and risk factors of CVD. This commitment of citizens and professionals outside the research community is making essential contributions to advancing the use of noninvasive imaging technology for diagnosis and research. The CNIC’s commitment to public health promotion is also evident in educational programs that start with children from an early age, teaching core health knowledge and instilling a positive emotional attitude. The Center’s public outreach links seamlessly with our strong commitment to training at all levels, from programs to encourage a scientific vocation among high school students to continuing professional training programs for scientists and physicians.

Through these endeavors, the CNIC is making a comprehensive, across-the-board investment for societal benefit that integrates biomedical research into the wider society. This is fitting, since we are all stakeholders in our health and in the health of the next generation. As we move forward, the CNIC will maintain the drive and focus established in its initial phases and ensure that the Center’s basic and clinical scientists continue to work closely together to devise innovative projects that help reduce the sanitary and socioeconomic burden associated with CVD.


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