Training programs and continuing education

Training is one of the CNIC’s core activities, and the Center has devised a comprehensive training plan, the CNIC-Joven Training Plan. This global plan includes programs for participants at all levels, from high-school students to postdoctoral researchers and MDs. The CNIC-Joven Training Plan aims to fulfill the personal goal of Valentín Fuster “to attract and train the brightest young people from the earliest ages to create a pool of excellent researchers in the field of cardiovascular research.”

In 2018, 609 participants were enrolled on CNIC training programs.

Programs for Undergraduate Students

Internships are offered to university students in the following programs:

Cicerone Program

The Cicerone Program is open to advanced undergraduate students and Master’s students in biomedicine-related disciplines. Participants extend their scientific training through hands-on experience of laboratory-based biomedical research during the summer recess. In addition to carrying out a supervised research project, the students also attend CNIC seminars and workshops. The aim of the program is to give students first-hand knowledge of biomedical research so that they can make informed choices about the possibility of pursuing a scientific career.

Fellowships in 2018: 30

Curricular and Extracurricular University Practical Program

The CNIC offers practical training in cardiovascular research to visiting undergraduate and postgraduate students, including those on Erasmus internships, completing their Trabajo Fin de Grado (TFG), degree dissertation, Trabajo Fin de Máster (TFM), or master’s dissertation.

Internships in 2018: 69 internships from 16 Universities, 4 of them outside Spain.

Insights into Research in Cardiovascular Disease Masters Module

This postgraduate course is run by the CNIC as part of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) Molecular Biosciences Master’s Program. This optional module provides a broad overview of cardiovascular biology, including perspectives from basic, clinical, and translational research. Attendants at this course are enrolled UAM Master’s students, CNIC predoctoral researchers, and participants on the Res@CNIC SEC Program (see below).


RES@CNIC Program

The Res@CNIC-SEC Program (in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Cardiology, SEC) offers resident medical interns the opportunity during the first years of their specialization period to learn about the latest techniques in cardiovascular research being used in the CNIC’s laboratories, under the guidance of a CNIC scientist. Residents participating in RES@ CNIC also receive training in theoretical aspects of cardiovascular research through an expert-led taught module. The Program also seeks to create links and collaborations so that on conclusion of their MIR specialization period, these professionals will have the chance to undertake research projects in their respective Hospitals in partnership with CNIC scientists.

Participants in 2018: 20


The INVESMIR SEC Program offers resident medical interns the opportunity during their specialization period to further their training through a research project in one of the CNIC’s laboratories, under the supervision of a CNIC scientist.

An important aim of the program is for participants to establish contacts and collaborations with CNIC researchers that will support them, after completion of their MIR specialization training, in pursuing their own research projects at their centers within the Spanish National Health System. In 2018 one resident cardiologist intern participated in this Program.

Post MIR SEA CNIC Program

This program offers 1- or 2-year contract for research into electrophysiology or arrhythmias. This contract is available to a physician completing their resident intern specialization (MIR) in cardiology and to members of the SEC Sección de Electrofisiología y Arritmias.

Vascular Biology Course

Valentín Fuster delivers this lecture series on Vascular Biology: Basic and Clinical Research as part of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (cUIMPB) summer program, sponsored by Ferrer International. In this course, Valentín Fuster tries to “motivate and teach for the future”. Most of the attendees are cardiologists, although others are experts in internal medicine or other specialties. In 2018, delegates came from more than 15 countries, most of them in Latin America and Europe.

Venue: Cardona Auditorium

Dates: July 17-18, 2018

Attendees: 226


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