CNIC Conferenice: Cardiac Regeneration: From Mechanisms to Therapy

Reunión científica
Información del evento
De 16 Abr 2020 hasta 18 Abr 2020
CNIC Auditorium

CNIC Conference 2020

Cardiac Regeneration: From Mechanisms to Therapy

In this Conference, the mechanistic and physiological basis of cardiac regenerative ability will be extensively addressed from an evolutionary, developmental and physiological perspective.

The program includes the latest advances in understanding the mechanisms underlying cardiac repair in naturally regenerating organisms and how can these be stimulated in non-regenerating mammals. The conference will also review the current translational regenerative strategies, including gene therapy, modified nucleic acid administration, tissue engineering and cell reprogramming.

The forum will be an ideal setting for critically addressing the recent controversies in the field of cardiac stem cells and the failure so far in successful translation of experimental therapies into a clinical benefit.


Miguel Torres
Hesham Sadek
Elly Tanaka
Nadia Mercader
Mauro Giacca

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