CNIC has established strategic alliances essential for

  • State-of-the-art training of CNIC scientific and technical personnel
  • Development of joint scientific programs with world leading institutions
  • Networking for the undertaking of large human studies
  • Internationalization of CNIC activities

Network collaborations

  • CNIC Advanced infrastructure for translational imaging (TRIMA) in collaboration with CICBiomagune’s Plataform for molecular and funcional imaging has established the Distributed Biomedical Imaging Network (ReDIB). Included in the Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) map of MINECO.

Collaborating institution and field of collaboration

  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine NGI, Molecular Imaging
  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine Heart Failure and Gene Therapy
  • Johns Hopkins University Epidemiology
  • Tufts University Human population genetics
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Stem Cell Research Institute New therapeutic approaches for heart repair
  • Copenhagen University Human cohort studies
  • Philips NGI development
  • Hyperimage partners NGI Development
  • Telomere Project Epidemiology of telomere biology (agreement to be signed)

All collaborations listed here have been institutionalized by the signature of official agreements.