Isabel Rollán Delgado


Isa received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Universidad de Sevilla and her PhD at the same University, under the supervision of Profs. Angeles Jos, Silvia Pichardo and Ana Mª Cameán in the Department of Toxicology, Bromathology and Legal Medicine (Seville).

Her involvement in science started in 2003, with a focus on Laboratory Animal Science. After several years working in different Animal Facilities, she moved to the laboratory she is currently working at, in an attempt to combine her background with her interest in Developmental Biology. In the lab, she performs several tasks that are essential to support the other researchers of the group, including the generation of genetically modified mice, supervision of breeding colonies and the use of other fundamental Molecular Biology techniques. Currently, the bulk of her work consists in the generation of KO or KI lines by designing, building and injecting or electroporating CRISPR-Cas components into mouse embryos. 

Isa is especially interested in combining her professional experience with teaching/training and is involved in several professional associations, such as the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Science (SECAL) or the International Society of Transgenic Technologies (ISTT).