Danone joins the Pro-CNIC Foundation in the fight to prevent cardiovascular diseases

9 Mar 2016
  • Valentín Fuster, Director del CNIC, Jerome Boesch, Presidente y Consejero Delegado de Danone S.A., y Luis de Carlos, Presidente de la Fundación Pro CNIC

A new agreement confirms the joint commitment of the public and private sectors to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Danone and the Pro-CNIC Foundation have signed a partnership agreement to promote cardiovascular risk prevention. The agreement highlights Danone’s firm commitment to achieving public health through the promotion of a healthy diet and physical exercise.  

The agreement was signed at the Pro-CNIC Foundations head offices in an event attended by CNIC general director Dr. Valentín Fuster, Pro-CNIC Foundation president Luis de Carlos, and Donone president and CEO Jerome Boesch.

During the event, Valentín Fuster declared that “Health promotion is the shared responsibility of all sectors of society, including the government, research centers, and private companies. This agreement is an outstanding model of health promotion.”

Jérôme Boesch spoke of his satisfaction at the signing of the accord: “Contributing to improving people’s state of health is part of our mission as a company, and therefore this agreement with the Pro-CNIC Foundation is very important for Danone.”  

This agreement is dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular risk, a high priority in the Spanish population, by spreading information about the risk factors and encouraging preventative measures such as eating a healthy diet and taking physical exercise.

From April, the Danone brand Danacol will participate in the promotion of the Circle of Health mobile application, conceived by Valentín Fuster as an accessible tool for promoting cardiovascular risk prevention. Through an attractive visual interface, the application’s multimedia content helps users to evaluate their state of cardiovascular health, and then provides appropriate advice on how to reduce cardiovascular risk and preserve and improve cardiovascular health. The advice provided includes weekly targets aimed at achieving a healthier lifestyle. To help with this initiative, Danacol will distribute 125,000 cookbooks to medical centers across Spain and will include promotional information on Circle of Health in its packaging.