Claudio Badía Careaga


Claudio obtained a CertHE in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology from Instituto Cantabria in Santander and carried out the corresponding training period at the Pathological Anatomy Service of Hospital Universitario Masqués de Valdecilla. In 2004, he started working in the Inmunopathology lab at the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad de Cantabria under the supervision of Dr. Jesús and Ramón Merino. There he set up, developed and performed histologic techniques for the study of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and lymphoid tumors. In 2008, Claudio joins CNIC under the supervision of Dr. Juan José Sanz at the New Genes in Cardiovascular Development lab, where he carried out histological analysis of cardiac and limb development in mouse and duck embryos. In 2012, he moved to the Functional Genomics lab of Dr. Miguel Manzanares. Claudio is in charge of the histological techniques performed in the lab and the training of new members of the group.

Atlético de Madrid supporter, ergo a perfect sufferer, and trekking fanatic.