Citometría de Flujo

Flow cytometry (FC) is a high-speed technology for the qualitative and quantitative measurement of cells and other particles based on their physical characteristics by suspending them in a stream of fluid passing through a beam of light. The main advantage of flow cytometry is the ability to test a large number of particles/cells in a short time period. In addition, cell-sorting capacity allows for sorting of single cells (or group of cells) from a mixed population.

The CNIC's flow cytometry unit provides researchers access to high-end flow cytometers. Due to the improvements that have taken place in flow cytometry (such as the increase in the number of lasers incorporated into flow cytometers and the large number of parameters that these instruments allow to be analysed), it is increasingly necessary to provide education and training not only choosing the appropriate antibodies/fluorochromes and protocols, but also in the correct set up configuration of flow cytometers for signals optimization.

Flow Cytometry

In addition, the unit provides cell sorters that allows the researcher to sort their cells for subsequent culture or analysis with other technologies.

In this sense, we carry out high-speed sorting (4 populations) as well as single cell sorting in a BSL-2 safety conditions.

In our unit we are committed to good biosafety practices, having in the Flow Cytometry Unit 4 BSL-2 safety cabinets (2 available for the users and 2 for the Flow cytometry cell sorters) and the necessary materials for the strict maintenance of biosafety in the unit.

Furthermore, all these services are provided by highly qualified personnel with extensive professional experience in the field of flow cytometry.