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María Ángeles Moro graduated in Pharmacy at Universidad de Alcalá (UAH) and carried out a PhD in Pharmacology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, defended in the UAH in 1990. After a postdoc at Wellcome Research Laboratories (UK, 1991-1995), she incorporated as independent researcher to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she was Full Professor of Pharmacology until she joined CNIC in November 2019 as leader of the Neurovascular Pathophysiology Group. Dr. Moro also co-leads the Neurovascular Diseases Group at Hospital Health Institute "12 de Octubre” (i+12). She participates in several consortia such as the Spanish Neurovascular Network (INVICTUS) and the Leducq Foundation Grant “Stroke-Impact”.

Thanks to her multidisciplinary expertise in neuroscience and cardiovascular disease, Dr. Moro has focused her research efforts in the study of cerebrovascular disease, specifically, stroke and vascular cognitive impairment. In these fields, Dr. Moro investigates mechanisms that underlie the different nosological entities that account for cognitive decline derived from cardiovascular disease. She is also interested in the immune response after stroke and its impact on outcome, including cognitive function.

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