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Rui Benedito graduated in Microbiology and Genetics at the Faculty of Sciences (University of Lisbon). He then did his PhD at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Technical University of Lisbon) where he became interested in mouse genetics and developmental vascular biology. He then moved to the UK where he did a Postdoc at the London Research Institute (Cancer Research UK) under the supervision of Dr. Ralf Adams. His work in this period focused on understanding the roles of the different Notch ligands and modulators in angiogenesis, for which he recieved the Peter Hans Hofschneider Prize for the outstanding achievement in the field of molecular medicine. Later he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine (Muenster, Germany), where he identified several other molecular mechanisms that regulate angiogenesis when VEGF signalling is blocked, which has implications for the design of therapies targeting angiogenesis. In late 2012 he joined CNIC and since then he has recieved the Werner Risau Prize 2013 and the Fundacion Principe de Girona Science Prize in 2014. His group was also awarded an European Research Council Starting Grant in 2015.

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