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E.g., 23/03/2018
E.g., 23/03/2018
About the CNIC
21 Mar 2018

The OTRIs are intermediaries in the science-technology-enterprise system, and their mission is to boost relations among the agents of the system

20 Mar 2018

INPhINIT is a PhD scholarship program Promoted by the Social Project “Obra Social ‘la Caixa’” and designed to integrate young international researchers in the best Spanish research centers, in the fields of technology, engineering, physics, mathematics, health sciences and life sciences

5 Mar 2018

Investigadores del CNIC, del CIBERCV y de la Universidad de Oviedo han creado el primer modelo de ratón con aterosclerosis acelerada por la proteína progerina

De izquierda a derecha, Emilio Camafeita, Vanessa Núñez, Cristina Clemente, Alicia G. Arroyo, Laura Alonso-Herranz, Cristina Rius y Vicente Andrés.
2 Mar 2018

The study, published in Nature Communications, shows that blockade of the protease MT4-MMP increases the activity of blood-patrolling monocytes in the circulation.

About the CNIC
26 Feb 2018

The Pro CNIC Foundation, presided by Luis de Carlos Beltran, demonstrates in this way once again, the great commitment of the companies that comprise it

Héctor Sánchez Iranzo, Andrés Sanz Morejón, María Galardi Castilla y Nadia Mercader Huber.
8 Feb 2018

A new study published in Nature Communications describes a high level of plasticity among different cell populations in the regenerating zebrafish heart

Jesús Vázquez, María Villalba, Sara Cogliati, Marina López, Paula Ortiz, José Antonio Enriquez, Laura Padrón, Elena Bonzón y Enrique Lara.
6 Feb 2018

The calcineurin variant CnAβ1 redirects glucose metabolism to increase production of antioxidant compounds, reducing cardiac hypertrophy and improving heart function


De izda. a dcha: Almudena Ramiro, Virginia García de Yébenes, Ángel Alvarez-Prado, Carlos Torroja y Alberto Benguria.
1 Feb 2018

The researchers have identified a collection of almost 300 genes mutated by AID, with some of the mutations found recurrently in human tumors and lymphomas

Dr. Valentín Fuster
About the CNIC
19 Jan 2018

The results of our research will allow an economic return of the investment in terms of reduction in the waiting lists, better use of the equipment or a decrease in the costs of hospitalization

Dr. Alegre-Cebollada (center), Prof. Julio Fernández (left), and study author Carmen Badilla (right).
12 Jan 2018

Scientists at the CNIC and Columbia University have identified a new mechanism regulating the elasticity of titin, a protein with important roles in the function of skeletal and heart muscle