Research office

The Research Office supports CNIC’s Research Groups and Technical Units in a wide variety of processes, from grant and fellowship application, justification, scientific documentation, budget monitoring, personnel recruitment, laboratory organization, basic laboratory techniques, laboratory equipment evaluation, and administrative tasks and in the organization of scientific activities, etc. The Research Office is a hinge structure composed by scientific managers, logistics technicians and research assistants, aimed as a communication channel between the researchers and the general administrative structures of CNIC.

Scientific information

Other members

Name and Surname Category Extension Email
Ciprés Blanco, Ángel Department manager Ext. 3323 Contact
Estévez Fornari, Tamara Lab Manager Ext. 70531 Contact
Grau Martínez, Laura Lab Manager Ext. 1166 Contact
Martínez Úbeda, Ana Isabel Lab Manager Ext. 70488 Contact
Marty Roda, Marta Lab Manager Ext. 2211 Contact
Rodriguez Casau, Elena Lab Manager Ext. 70617 Contact
Bartlett, Simon Scientific Editing Ext. 2002 Contact
Mateos Villa, Javier Logistics Ext. 3324 Contact
Oliva de la Morena, María Ángeles Logistics Ext. 3322 Contact
Rico Jiménez, Yolanda Logistics Ext. 70590 Contact
Bieger Vera, Eduardo Assistant Ext. 1162 Contact
Fernández Fernández, Almudena Assistant Ext. 2204 Contact
González del Valle Gómez, María Bárbara Assistant Ext. 1168 Contact
Gutiérrez Llaneza, Ana Assistant Ext. 4305 Contact
Ramón Moreno, Marta Assistant Ext. 3311 Contact
Rodríguez Castejón, Beatriz Assistant Ext. 70977 Contact
Román Hernando, Isabel Assistant Ext. 1029 Contact
Varela Izquierdo, Yolanda Assistant Ext. 4260 Contact
Fernández de Manuel, Laura Senior technician Ext. 3325 Contact
Sánchez Perales, Sara Graduate technician Ext. 1169 Contact
Alises Zamora, Alba María Technician Ext. 71083 Contact
Anguita López, Tamara Technician Ext. 70456 Contact
Asperilla Cabrera, Ana Technician Ext. 70103 Contact
Cabezuela Gonzalo, Laura Technician Ext. 70208 Contact
Diges López, Rebeca Technician Ext. 70386 Contact
El Maimouni, Bahia Technician Ext. 70492 Contact
Fernandez Lopez, Ivan Technician Ext. 70567 Contact
Lazcano Duque, Juanjo Technician Ext. 70253 Contact
Mauleón Azpilicueta, María Elva Technician Ext. 1330 Contact
Robayo Arreaga, Génesis Lady Technician Ext. 70147 Contact
Santos Martín, Eva Technician Ext. 70394 Contact