An innovative joint venture between the state and the private sector

On December 15th 2005, the Spanish Prime Minister presided at the creation of the Pro CNIC Foundation, through which some of the most important Spanish companies have agreed to provide a significant part of the funding for the research activity at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC).

Through the creation of the Pro CNIC Foundation, some of the largest companies in the country have made a long-term commitment to biomedical research.

One of the central elements of the agreement was the incorporation of Valentín Fuster as president of the center’s External Scientific Advisory and Evaluation Committee. The creation of the Pro CNIC Foundation represents the most significant act of business sponsorship in recent years in terms of the amount of funding it provides, its social significance, the group of companies involved, and the anticipated outcomes.

Participating companies take part in important decisions about the CNIC’s activities through their representation on the CNIC’s Board of Trustees. The CNIC project is thus structured as a joint venture between the state and the private sector, ensuring stable funding.

If you would like to read more about funding at the CNIC please download the following article published at Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular CNIC Edition (November 2008 | Vol 5 | N.º 11 | CNIC-2)

Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC): pioneering a new model for funding biomedical research Ginés Sanz and Valentín Fuster | PDF (2.289 KB) | Full-text