Recruitment policy

Contracts for Group Leaders, Senior Investigators and Technical Facility Units Managers

With modern infrastructure and an open-minded philosophy  consistent with the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Recruitment, the CNIC offers unique career opportunities in the area of cardiovascular studies.

Thanks to the Foundation’s legal status and important contributions from the private sector (Fundación pro CNIC), the CNIC has an internationally competitive remuneration plan with highly attractive scientific career opportunities.

The ways in which senior researchers are legally bound to the CNIC are flexible and open to the specific requirements of each case, with the aim of combining researcher stability with the design of a scientific career based on regular evaluation (every five years) criteria in order to guarantee excellence.

Contracts for Junior Investigators and Post-doctoral Investigators

In line with the most advanced trends in investigator training, the CNIC offers post-doctoral contracts with full benefits and rights as established by Spanish labour law.

Junior investigators are offered employment contracts governed by Law on Science, Technology and Innovation.

Furthermore, young investigators can access the International Post-doctoral Program in order to finance their post-doctoral period.

You can access our vacancies at any time in our job offers section.

See our National and International Projects section for information on joining CNIC through specific programs.


Positions for technicians in different categories and levels are available both in the research laboratories and the technical units. This term covers professionals with a wide variety of profiles, from laboratory technicians to specialists responsible for handling highly complex equipment and systems. The CNIC offers permanent or temporary contracts linked to research projects with different salary scales, depending on the level of experience, the profile of the position, the candidate’s qualifications and the source of funding for the contract.

Administrative and Service Positions. Vacant administrative and service positions are advertised in the job offers section.