Social benefits and Work & family life balance

The CNIC has an advanced policy on matters of welfare benefits, with the most modern flexible remuneration systems. Among others, the most significant are:

Flexible remuneration plan

This is a personalized remuneration system that enables each employee to decide how to receive his yearly income so that it best matches his personal and family needs, permitting significant tax savings:

  • Death or absolute permanent disability due to illness
  • Absolute permanent disability due to accident
  • Double compensation in the case of accidental death

Civil liability insurance

Investigators and technicians should feel safe and supported with regard to the possible repercussions their work may have on third parties.

Flexible working hours

Modern criteria for reconciling work and family life are taken into consideration when establishing flexible working hours.

Assistance for nursery care

Employees are provided with significant financial assistance for nursery care for children of pre-school age.

Company dining hall

A heart-friendly menu, subsidized by the CNIC, as well as a cantine and vending machines, are available to the staff at the center.

Training in English or Spanish

The CNIC organizes English courses for all interested staff members that take the form of personalized training for small groups with native teachers. Spanish classes are also offered to foreigners in order to help them become familiar with the language.

Work and family life conciliation plan

In its labour regulations, the CNIC incorporates the measures for work and family life conciliation established in the “Agreement of the General Board establishing measures of remuneration and improvement of working conditions and the professionalisation of public employees” signed by the Ministry of Public Administrations and Unions, and published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado of the 16 December 2005.