CNIC Pulse Magazine

Juan Domingo Gisbert
24 Jun 2022

Juan Domingo Gispert López, head of the Barcelonaβeta Brain Research Center and CNIC (Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research) researcher

La Dra. Karina Yaniv es conocida por sus contribuciones al campo del desarrollo vascular
2 Aug 2021

Akiko Iwasaki, with some other scientists, helped create a plan to stop Covid-19. She has also spoken out about the barrier’s women face in the field of biology

Jacky Goetz
28 Apr 2021

Dr. Jacky Goetz works on intravital imaging and biomechanical forces during the progression of tumors.

Dr. Filip Swirski
28 Feb 2020

Dr. Filip Swirski is associate professor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) and one of the leading experts on the relationship between sleep and heart disease

Jorge Alegre and Davin Martínez Marín
13 Mar 2019

Dr. David Martínez Martín (ETH Zürich, Suiza) has created a technique that allows us to measure in real time the mass changes that cells experience throughout their lifetime

Dr. Omer Berenfeld
18 May 2018

Dr. Omer Berenfeld participated in the CNIC Conference ‘Atrial fibrillation: from Mechanisms to Population Science’ held at the CNIC in 2017.

Juan Manuel González-Rosa
19 Apr 2018

Juan Manuel González-Rosa gave the Seminar “Humanizing the zebrafish heart: exploring the role of elevated cardiomyocyte ploidy as a barrier to heart regeneration”, at the CNIC, and was invited by Miguel Manzanares.

20 Mar 2018

INPhINIT is a PhD scholarship program Promoted by the Social Project “Obra Social ‘la Caixa’” and designed to integrate young international researchers in the best Spanish research centers, in the fields of technology, engineering, physics, mathematics, health sciences and life sciences

Dr. Narayan y Dr. David Filgueiras
5 Mar 2018

Dr.  Sanjiv Narayan participated in the CNIC Conference 'Atrial fibrillation: from Mechanisms to Population Science' held at the CNIC in November of 2017.