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Gkontra P, El-Bouri WK, Norton KA, Santos A, Popel AS, Payne SJ, Arroyo AG Dynamic Changes in Microvascular Flow Conductivity and Perfusion After Myocardial Infarction Shown by Image-Based Modeling J Am Heart Assoc (2019) 8:e011058
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Zak MM, Gkontra P, Clemente C, Squadrito ML, Ferrarini A, Mota RA, Oliver E, Rocha S, Aguero J, Vazquez J, De Palma M, Ibanez B, Arroyo AG. Sequential bone marrow-cell delivery of VEGFA/S1P improves vascularization and limits adverse cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction in mice. Hum Gene Ther (2019) 30:839-905
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Clemente C, Rius C, Alonso-Herranz L, Martin-Alonso M, Pollan A, Camafeita E, Martinez F, Mota RA, Nunez V, Rodriguez C, Seiki M, Martinez-Gonzalez J, Andres V, Ricote M, Arroyo AG. MT4-MMP deficiency increases patrolling monocyte recruitment to early lesions and accelerates atherosclerosis. Nat Commun (2018) 9:910
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Walter W, Alonso-Herranz L, Trappetti V, Crespo I, Ibberson M, Cedenilla M, Karaszewska A, Núñez V, Xenarios I, Arroyo AG, Sánchez-Cabo F, Ricote M. Deciphering the Dynamic Transcriptional and Post-transcriptional Networks of Macrophages in the Healthy Heart and after Myocardial Injury. Cell Rep (2018) 23:622-36
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Gkontra P, Norton KA, Zak MM, Clemente C, Aguero J, Ibanez B, Santos A, Popel AS, Arroyo AG. Deciphering microvascular changes after myocardial infarction through 3D fully automated image analysis. Sci Rep (2018) 8:1854
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Blanco MJ, Rodriguez-Martin I, Learte AIR, Clemente C, Montalvo MG, Seiki M, Arroyo AG, Sanchez-Camacho C. Developmental expression of membrane type 4-matrix metalloproteinase (Mt4-mmp/Mmp17) in the mouse embryo. PLoS One (2017) 12:e0184767
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