Dr. Jorge Alegre Cebollada
Sobre el CNIC, Investigación

The principal aim of the AJE, the Spanish Young Academy, is to represent and give a voice to young scientists

Sobre el CNIC, Publicaciones

Dr Enríquez and Dr del Pozo Muñoz join their colleagues Dr Miguel Torres, Dr Pura Muñoz and Dr Francisco Sánchez Madrid,  bringing to five the number of CNIC members in EMBO

Scheme of a cMyBP-C region in which mutations cause amino-acid changes that alter the mechanical properties of the protein. The positions of the affected amino acids are shown in red.
Investigación, Publicaciones

A team led by Dr. Jorge Alegre-Cebollada has shown, for the first time, an association between hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and mechanical alterations to a component of the contractile machinery of the heart

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