CNIC Conference: Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Brain Health

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5 Jun 2024
CNIC Auditorium

CNIC Conference
Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Brain Health

The growing cardiovascular disease (CVD) epidemic is due to increased prevalence of modifiable cardiovascular (CVRFs). Obesity and its downstream consequences, including cardiometabolic syndrome, are increasing alarmingly in young people.

It is also clear that cognitive decline in older adults is influenced by cardiovascular health, with vascular and metabolic mechanisms proposed to underlie its aetiology. Thus, CVD is recognised as the underlying cause of a full range of cognitive syndromes, globally defined as vascular cognitive impairment and dementia (VCID). Several studies have also underscored the role of CVD and CVMRFs as an adjuvant for the expression of other types of dementia, mainly Alzheimer’s disease (AD), already described as a vascular disfunction by Alois Alzheimer in his first report of the disease.

Therefore, cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors (CVMRFs), even at subclinical stages, appear as major cognitive decline drivers. However, little is known of their interplay during their long preclinical phases and how they influence each other. Since progressive population aging and increased CVMRF burden are significantly increasing cognitive impairment prevalence, there is an urgent need to better understand the mechanisms driving these processes as well as their interactions in order to implement efficient preventive strategies.

The conference will encompass diverse areas crucial to the field, including:

  •     Cardiovascular determinants of brain health
  •     Neuroinflammation and neuroimmune interactions in stroke and cognitive impairment
  •     Neurovascular complex and clearance pathways
  •     Translational challenges in stroke and vascular dementia

See the poster for a full list of speakers.

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