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E.g., 05/12/2020
E.g., 05/12/2020
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30 Oct 2019

One of the diseases most affected by aging is cardiovascular illness. In fact, it is already considered the most important risk factor for this disease

Dr. José María Mendiguren, Director de Servicios Médicos de Banco Santander, Leticia Fernández-Friera, cardióloga del CNIC y del Hospital Universitario HM Montepríncipe, y Dr. Valentín Fuster, Director del CNIC.
26 Mar 2019

The results, published in JACC, demonstrate the potential of this technology to generate images of the inflammation associated with systemic atherosclerosis; this information will be useful for the study of early stages of this disease and will help to identify individuals who will benefit from early medical intervention

Jesús Mª Vázquez Cobos, Enrique Calvo, Rebeca Acín Pérez, José Antonio Enríquez, Ana Victoria Lechuga-Vieco, Ignacio Flores, Carlos Torroja, Fátima Sánchez Cabo, Jesús Ruiz-Cabello y Andrés González Guerra.
7 Jul 2016

The study, published in Nature, provides information with important implications for mitochondrial donation therapies, which produce children with three genetic parents