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E.g., 16/10/2019
E.g., 16/10/2019
Atrial electroanatomic map of a pig with persistent AFib. The regions colored magenta, purple, and dark blue have high mean FM values. These regions maintain the AFib, and their ablation with a catheter stops the arrhythmia. The squares represent the sites of rotational activity, which are sensitive but not specific to the regions that maintain the fibrillation.
12 Sep 2019

The new study was conducted by investigators at the CNIC, the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid, and the CiberCV research network and is featured on the cover of the latest edition of the journal Circulation Research

Pilar Gonzalo, Rosa Nevado, Ricardo Villa-Bellosta, Magda R. Hamczyk, María J. Andrés-Manzano, and Vicente Andrés.
12 Mar 2019

This new results, published in EMBO Molecular Medicine, identify a possible therapeutic target for this genetic disease

16 Nov 2018

The study results, published in the journal Nature Communications, identify several proteins implicated in this disease

5 Mar 2018

Investigadores del CNIC, del CIBERCV y de la Universidad de Oviedo han creado el primer modelo de ratón con aterosclerosis acelerada por la proteína progerina

About the CNIC
20 Dec 2017

The project ‘Identifying new treatments for Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome’ (HGPS) TREAT-HGPS, coordinated by Dr. Vicente Andrés will receive funding of 797,744 € over the next three years

Ignacio Flores, Juan M. Fernández-Alvira, Valentín Fuster, Vicente Andrés y Beatriz Dorado
24 May 2016

Half of patients with CVD show no above-normal risk of developing the disease on the basis of classical risk factors, such as high cholesterol, smoking, lack of exercise, and high blood pressure