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E.g., 26/06/2024
E.g., 26/06/2024
Borja Ibáñez
About the CNIC
10 Jun 2021

The €35,000 awarded by the foundation in each category is for research that deepens knowledge of the relationship between nutrition, food and health

Jesús Vázquez, Jacob Fog Bentzon, Emilio Camafeita y Esmeralda Lewis.
About the CNIC
13 Apr 2021

The new insight supports the need to keep both LDL cholesterol and blood pressure low throughout life by healthy diet choices, weight control, exercise, and, when needed, by drug therapy

25 Jun 2020

The regulatory protein SCAF1 enables mitochondria to adapt to the available nutrient source of sugars, fats, or proteins

De izda. a dcha.: Iciar Areilza, Gonzalo Pizarro y Borja Ibáñez del CNIC, junto a Jesús Sánchez Martos, Consuelo Serrano, José de la Sota y Sara Alfonso, de la Fundación madri+d
About the CNIC
3 Nov 2017

The director of the Madri+d Knowledge Foundation, Jesus Sánchez Martos, visits the Carlos III National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) to learn first-hand about its main lines of research and explore new ways of collaboration

About the CNIC
29 Nov 2013

La Fundación Jesús Serra contará a partir de ahora con el CNIC dentro de su programa para apoyar y promover la investigación científica en España