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E.g., 15/06/2024
E.g., 15/06/2024
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11 Jun 2024

iSuRe-HadCre promises to become an essential tool for biomedical research using mouse models to modify and understand gene function

Marcos Siguero Álvarez, Luis Luna Zurita, José Luis de la Pompa y Brenda Giselle Flores Garza
11 Dec 2023

The findings, published in the journal Circulation Research, not only highlight the gene regulatory mechanisms that control valve formation, but also offer clues for future medical advances

En primer plano: Emilio Camafeita, Rui Benedito y Macarena Fernández; detrás, de izda. a dcha., Ana Dopazo, Jesús Vázquez, Alberto Benguria, Mariya Lytvyn, Severin Muhleder, Sofía Sánchez, Lourdes García.
29 May 2023

The new study, published in Nature Cardiovascular Research, will help to select the most effective and safe way to modulate angiogenesis in ischemic tissues or in cancer

Rebeca Piñeiro, Joaquim Grego-Bessa, Vitor Samuel Leite, Luis luna-Zurita
12 Nov 2021

A study published in Science Advances shows that the gene GPR126, while not required for the development of the heart, plays an essential role in the formation of the placenta, the gestational organ that nourishes the fetus

De izda. a dcha.: Verónica Casquero, Sofía Sánchez, Irene García, Macarena Fernández, Wen Luo, Severin Muhleder, Lourdes García, Rui Benedito
9 Dec 2020

Científicos del CNIC han descubierto un mecanismo celular y molecular que puede ayudar a promover la arterialización y perfusión en los tejidos que han sufrido una reducción del riego sanguíneo.

12 Mar 2012