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E.g., 21/06/2024
E.g., 21/06/2024
Dra. Sabio
About the CNIC
17 Jun 2021

The jury acknowledged this CNIC researcher's contribution to understanding why obesity causes cardiometabolic diseases.

 From left to right, front row: Marta Pulgarín Alfaro, Magdalena Leiva, Nuria Matesanz, Ivana Nikolic, Guadalupe Sabio; second row: Leticia Herrera Melle, Elena Rodríguez, Elena Martín García, Ayelén Santamans, Mª Valle Montalvo, Alfonso Mora, and José Antonio Enríquez.
19 Jul 2018

CNIC researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which brown fat cells are activated to generate heat and eliminate excess fatsa

Nuria Matesanz, Guadalupe Sabio, Elena Rodríguez, José Antonio Enríquez Ana Victoria Lechuga-Vieco, Maria Crespo-Ruiz, Luis Leiva-Vega y Alfonso Mora (centro).
11 Oct 2017

The study published in Nature Communications, shows that the elimination of this protein from obese mice blocks any further increase in obesity and reduces body weight

11 Nov 2014

El término grasa no siempre es sinónimo de obesidad