Álvaro Macías Martínez

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After be graduated in Biology (Neurobiology), he started his doctoral thesis in 2009 under Dr. Carmen Valenzuela supervision at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas ‘Alberto Sols’ (CSIC) focused on the regulation of cardiovascular electrophysiology, ion channel interactors and pharmacology. After that, he moved to Dr. William Catteral laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle to increase his knowledge in protein-protein interactions for ion channels regulation. In 2015, he joined Dr. Vicente Andrés' laboratory at CNIC when he helped to setting up the CNIC’s first Laboratory of Basic Electrophysiology and Calcium Imaging and performed the cardiovascular electrophysiological characterization of a progeria mouse model (HGPS). Finally, in 2020 he joined Dr. José Jalife laboratory when he try to unravel the electrophysiological underlying mechanisms in arrhythmogenic inheritable cardiac diseases such as Andersen Tawil Syndrome type 1 or Short QT Syndrome, among others.