Diana Carmen Velázquez Carreras

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After growing up in a unique natural environment, her deep interest in nature was the inspiration to get started in  Biology at the University of Seville. Her rising motivation regarding the understanding of the complexity of natural landscapes led her to move to the University of Barcelona in order to broaden her knowledge about high mountain ecosystems. During that time she improved her practical experience in the Collections Unit at the Botanical Garden of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Research Center (CMIMA-CSIC), carrying out biochemical analysis of aquatic ecosystems.

After graduating, she completed her studies with a Master Degree on Biodiversity. Simultaneously, she collaborated with Parks and Gardens of Barcelona in a draft municipal action, carrying out the design of the "Naturalistic itinerary through the thematic gardens of Montjuïc". Over that period of her life, she also worked at the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Botanical Garden of Barcelona.

In 2010 she received a JAE grant to work as a laboratory technician in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Macromolecules group at Rocasolano Institute of Physical Chemistry (IQFR-CSIC) until the end of 2012. At that stage of her career, she developed a passion for Biochemistry and Molecular and Structural Biology. This vocational finding encouraged her to study a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry at  Complutense University of Madrid, while acquiring practical experience in spectroscopy to study non-canonical nucleic acid structures.

In late 2014, she joined the Molecular Mechanics of the Cardiovascular System laboratory at CNIC, as a Senior Technician, performing management tasks, molecular biology and cloning, protein purification and exploring future laboratory projects.