Leica SPE Confocal

Simple upright confocal system ideal for fixed samples mounted in slides.

Leica upright microscope with laser box and working desk
ApplicationsConfocal microscopy
SoftwareLAS X
ObjetivosACS APO 10.0x 0.30 DRY
HCX PL APO CS 20. 0x 0.70 IMM (Oil, Gly, W) UV
ACS APO 40.0x 1.15 OIL
ACS APO 63.0x 1.30 OI
StagesManual stage in XY, Z axis motorized
Sample SetupStandard microscope slides
Illumination SourceDiode 405 nm
Diode 488 nm
Diode 532 nm
Diode 635 nm
Intesilight fluorescence lamp
Detectors/Cameras1 PMTs
1 Detector for transmitted light
Epi- FiltersDapi: Exc G365 (aprox. 300-400nm);FT395; Em BP 420-470nm
GFP: Exc 450-490nm; FT 510; Em BP 515-565nm
Red: Exc 540-552nm; FT560; Em 575-640nm