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E.g., 18/10/2017
E.g., 18/10/2017
Nuria Matesanz, Guadalupe Sabio, Elena Rodríguez, José Antonio Enríquez Ana Victoria Lechuga-Vieco, Maria Crespo-Ruiz, Luis Leiva-Vega y Alfonso Mora (centro).
11 Oct 2017

The study published in Nature Communications, shows that the elimination of this protein from obese mice blocks any further increase in obesity and reduces body weight

The best way to start the day. A ‘high-energy’ breakfast could consist of a cup of coffee, milk or yogurt, fruit, and wholemeal bread with tomato and olive oil
3 Oct 2017

The PESA study shows that people who regularly eat a ‘low energy’ breakfast (supplying less than 5% of recommended daily calorie intake) double their risk of developing atherosclerosis independently of classical cardiovascular risk factors

From left to right. Cristina Clavería, Daniel Jimenez-Carretero, Laura Fernandez de Manuel, Covadonga Díaz-Díaz, María Montoya y Miguel Torres.
26 Sep 2017

This control mechanism is important for pluripotency in the development of mammalian embryos 

15 Sep 2017

ReDIB is composed of two nodes, located at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC) in Madrid and the Centro de Investigación Cooperativa en Biomateriales (CIC biomaGUNE) in San Sebastián

From left to right. Vicente Andres, Director of Basic Research of the CNIC; Mr. Makoto Suematsu, the President of the Japanese Agency for Research and Medical Development (AMED); Borja Ibáñez, Director of Clinical Research at the CNIC; Mr. Masahiko Noda, Managing Director of the Foreign Affairs Department, Alberto Sanz, Managing Director of the CNIC, and the First Secretary - Aggregate of Science and Technology – of the Japanese Embassy in Spain, Mr. Masahiro Aoki
About the CNIC
13 Sep 2017

The Japanese Agency for Research and Medical Development (AMED) is an institution dedicated to improving medicine through research and development in Japan

A 3-dimensional magnetic resonance image form a patient who has undergone an acute myocardial infarction. The heart is visible in the center of the image. Healthy (non-infarcted) cardiac muscle is indicated by asterisks, whereas arrows point to the infarcted region. MRI can reveal the extent of the area affected by inflammation after a heart attack (the yellow infarcted region marked by arrows). Serial MRI studies reveal thta this inflammatory reaction appears immediately after the infarction but then rapid
22 Aug 2017

The study overturns the dogma that infarction is followed by progressive repair of the injured myocardium.

3D ultrasound of the right carotid artery. An atherosclerotic plaque is visible as a small protrusion (arrow) in the vessel wall of the internal branch of the proximal carotid artery (bottom), close to the bifurcation. In contrast, the surface of the disease-free external branch (top) is smooth (asterisk).
24 Jul 2017

CNIC researchers show the value of total atherosclerosis burden for the identification of individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease

The CNIC research team. From left to right: Andrés Hidalgo, David Sancho, Sarai Martínez-Cano, Salvador Iborra, Elena Priego, Michel Enamorado, and Juan Antonio Quintana.
17 Jul 2017

The study, published in Nature Communications, demonstrates that tissue-resident and circulating memory T cells cooperate in anti-tumor immunity