The Alexandra Peraut Progeria Association makes a donation to the CNIC fo the research of this disease

3 Feb 2022
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The Alexandra Peraut Progeria Association made a donation of €6,500 to the Molecular and Genetic Cardiovascular Physiopathology Laboratory, directed by Dr. Vicente Andrés at the CNIC, so that it can invest in the research of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

The donation comes from the benefits of the book “A girl in twenty million”,  which tells the story of Alexandra, with the aim of making progeria visible  and promoting the normalization of minority diseases.

At the CNIC laboratory, also a part of CIBER for Cardiovascular Diseases (CIBERCV), Dr. Andrés´ group has been working on this disease for years and has recently created the HGPSrev mouse - the first animal model that can suppress the appearance of progerin in a temporally and spatially controlled fashion


This new preclinical model, has made it possible to demonstrate that it is never too late to treat the disease and that therapies directed exclusively at the cardiovascular system can create very significant therapeutic benefits.