Guadalupe Sabio Buzo, awarded with the Medal of Extremadura

29 Jul 2022
About the CNIC

Guadalupe Sabio Buzo, who directs the group ‘The role of the stress-activated kinases in the development of cardiovascular  diseases, diabetes and cancer', received the Medal of Extremadura. The President of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, highlighted her work for "bringing science to society, to both adults and children". The Medals of Extremadura are awarded according to the proposals of citizens, entities and municipalities.
Dr. Sabio's work focuses on understanding factors that appear in obese people, such as the alteration of fat, dysregulation of internal clocks and cellular stress, which could be the cause of the occurrence of these diseases. In addition, her research shows that the fact that men have higher probabilities in developing cancer than women could be due to the differences in the production of hormones by the fatty tissue.