Next CNIC Conferences: 2019 and 2020

10 Apr 2019
Press room

One of the goals of the CNIC is to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas in basic and translational cardiovascular research. To this aim, we organize every year advanced workshops - the CNIC Conferences –, to bring leading scientists together to discuss ‘hot’ topics of common interest. These conferences have a workshop format consisting of about 20 guest speakers and a limited number of participants (about 100). The participants will have the opportunity to present their work in poster sessions. This format enables an extensive discussion of current issues and controversies, and stimulates new thinking and ideas. The Conferences runs from Thursday late afternoon to Saturday lunchtime. 

The CNIC is organizing the next two CNIC Conferences:

2019 New Concepts on Age-Related Cardiovascular Disease - October 24-26. Organisers: V. Andrés, A. Hidalgo, JJ Fuster and A. Tall

2020 Cardiac Regeneration: from mechanisms to therapies - April 16-18. Organisers: M. Torres, N. Mercader, H. Sadek and M. Giacca

The first one, New Concepts on Age-Related Cardiovascular Disease, will cover four different topics of high relevance in the field: (1)  The Vascular-Neural-Immune axis in age-related diseases; (2) Somatic mutations and clonal hematopoiesis in cardiovascular disease; (3) The aging immune system in cardiovascular disease; (4) Cellular senescence and cardiovascular disease. The Conference will address the new trends in this area as well as potential strategies for exploiting this information therapeutically.

In the 2020 conference titled Cardiac Regeneration: from mechanisms to therapies, the mechanistic and physiological basis of cardiac regenerative ability will be extensively addressed from an evolutionary, developmental and physiological perspective.  The conference will include the latest advances in understanding the mechanisms underlying cardiac repair in naturally regenerating organisms and how can these be stimulated in non-regenerating mammals.  The conference will also review the current translational regenerative strategies, including gene therapy, modified nucleic acid administration, tissue engineering and cell reprogramming.  The forum will be an ideal setting for critically addressing the recent controversies in the field of cardiac stem cells and the failure so far in successful translation of experimental therapies into a clinical benefit.

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