“The Tribe of the Heart” Campaign

26 Feb 2018
About the CNIC

The Pro CNIC Foundation, presided by Luis de Carlos Beltran, demonstrates in this way once again, the great commitment of the companies that comprise it

The Social Project of Mediaset Spain, together with the Pro CNIC Foundation and Dr. Valentin Fuster, have launched "The Tribe of the Heart", a community that seeks to create awareness about cardiovascular diseases. "Having a healthy heart is in your hands" is the motto with which “The tribe of the heart” starts off. Caring for this organ, which moves the world and gives us life, the way it should be cared for, is the goal of this new campaign. We seek to create awareness through music, art and humor about the need to have healthy lifestyle habits to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Our heart has many things to tell us, listen to it!

The initiative has been applauded by the Minister of Health herself, Dolors Montserrat, because it comes from private companies, from Mediaset and Pro CNIC, and because, together with the public administration, it can help raise awareness among the population about the need to take care of ourselves and lead a healthy life to prevent cardiovascular diseases, responsible for the death of 17 million people every year all over the world.

The Pro CNIC Foundation, presided by Luis de Carlos Beltran, demonstrates in this way once again the great commitment of the companies that comprise it (Acciona, "la Caixa", BBVA, Endesa, Mapfre Foundation, Mutua Madrileña Foundation, Ramón Areces Foundation, Gas Natural Fenosa, Prisa Group, Inditex, Repsol Foundation, Banco Santander and Telefónica) on improving the quality of life of citizens, investing in R + D + I and researching cardiovascular diseases, but also helping to promote healthy habits, like on this occasion.

Women for the Heart

The model of this campaign was launched together with the MAPFRE Foundation, also patron of the Pro CNIC, the Spanish Heart Foundation and the Community of Madrid, with 'Women for the Heart'. This campaign began in 2014 in order to raise awareness and facilitate the early recognition of the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases, and promote healthy lifestyle habits. Behind it are some celebrities like Ana Rosa Quintana, Mónica Naranjo and Ruth Beitia as prescribers.

This initiative aims to touch the hearts of the audience: men, women and children which is why February 14th, Valentine's Day, was the day chosen for its presentation. The campaign is supported by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and counts on well-known prescribers like Dr. Valentín Fuster, Ana Rosa Quintana, Joaquin Prat and Edurne. The campaign will be reinforced by the television broadcast of the spots and the creation of an exclusive website for this campaign: www.latribudelcorazón.com. Later, another spot will be released, focused more on children, whose goal is to change lifestyle habits to healthier ones starting from childhood.

In addition, ’12 Meses’ launches Doctor Valentin Fuster’s documentary “The resilient heart”. Directed by the nominee for the Oscar for Best Documentary, Susan Froemke, it shows the preventive and therapeutic work of the Doctor in different parts of the world with adaptation and improvement as protagonists. “We have to feel passion for what we do because every day changes, dreams are lost and we are weak, weakness dominates us. The question is how much we can interact. If you are lucky enough to be able to transmit something to someone to improve their life, it will never fade.” He assures. The documentary can now be seen on the Mitele Docusocial channel and will be broadcast on the Mediaset channels.

 El Dr. Valentín Fuster and the Pro CNIC Foundation, members of 'The Tribe of the Heart''

Dr. Fuster has great communication potential and combines the general management of the Carlos III National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) in Madrid, the Cardiovascular Institute of the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and the publication 'Journal of the American College of Cardiology' with the presence of the Health Advisory Council of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. 


The campaign, is endowed with two unique elements that merge together perfectly, giving rise to striking, catchy spots that hit the target with the necessary information. The voice of Edurne, together with the illustrations of Alfonso Casas, nurture the campaign with an identity of its own.

The spots are divided into two aspects: a more general one and another one dedicated to women, the ones that are most affected by this type of disease. Ana Rosa Quintana, always aware of the health problems and ambassador of some of our causes, does the voice-over.  "With this campaign many women can be helped. Information is vital”, she affirms.

Changing Habits

7 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases; it’s time to change our habits! Cholesterol, diabetes or obesity are risk factors for suffering cardiovascular diseases and that’s why, together with Joaquín Prat,  we have proposed four health challenges: do more exercise, eat well, relax and stop smoking. Four simple gestures that greatly improve the quality of life in order to “live more and better”. Will you join the tribe of the heart?

In addition, Mediaset Spain, together with the Pro CNIC Foundation, will be fully involved in 'The Tribe of the Heart', by starting an internal communication campaign where employees can review key factors in cardiovascular health on the 'bus of the heart'. Do not hesitate and be part of our tribe!