Accounts and Projects

Responsible for the general accounting (customers, vendors, cash & banking..) regarding the international accounting of principles and rules, as well as the economic management of research projects, budgeting and direct link with fiscal institutions.

Other members

Name and Surname Category Extension Email
Aguilar Gómez, Gema Technician Ext. 4210 Contact
Domínguez Arrabal, Margarita Technician Ext. 4203 Contact
García Villares, Cristina Technician Ext. 4201 Contact
Martín Regadera, Sara Technician Ext. 4207 Contact
Moro Díaz Mayordomo, María Technician Ext. 4209 Contact
Seco González, Ana María Technician Ext. 1324 Contact
Vaquerizo Ayago, María Gema Technician Ext. 4202 Contact