Vanessa Nunez Gonzalez


Vanessa obtained her degree in Laboratory Technician at IES SIGLO XXI, Leganés, interning in clinical analysis at General Lab. Her research career started in the lab of Dr. Zapata in 2002 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), where she was trained in molecular and cellular biology techniques. Afterwards she joined Dr. Álvarez’s lab (Hospital de La Princesa) to study cellular signaling involved in arthritis. Since 2005 she is part of Dr. Ricote´s lab (CNIC), where she performs highly qualified techniques, like LAD myocardial infarction in mice. Due to her extensive experience, she takes part in the experimental approach and in the performance of the experiments, doing techniques such as mice handling, animal colony management, myocardial infarctions, flow cytometry, cell cultures or molecular biology-based techniques (RNA-DNA extraction, quantitative PCR).