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E.g., 23/06/2024
E.g., 23/06/2024
RM cardiaca de un paciente con miocardiopatía dilatada (izquierda) y de un individuo sin cardiopatía (derecha). En el paciente con miocardiopatía dilatada el tamaño del corazón esta incrementado y su capacidad de bombeo está disminuida.
19 Apr 2024

The results, published in JACC, suggest that these factors could be used to predict the risk of developing dilated cardiomyopathy and adapt strategies for patient care and disease detection in genetic carriers of the disease

Agustín Clemente-Moragón, Borja Ibáñez, Anabel Díaz-Guerra, Laura Cádiz, Carlos Galán-Arriola, Miguel Fernández-Tocino, Mónica Gómez, Rocío Villena-Gutiérrez, y Eduardo Oliver.
16 Apr 2024

The study, published in the journal JACC: CardioOncology, identifies mitochondrial function and heart metabolism as targets for possible treatments to protect against anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity

El Dr. Valentín Fuster con la Dra. Guiomar Mendieta
About the CNIC
10 Apr 2024

Guiomar Mendieta has been awarded the 2023 William W. Parmley Young Author Achievement Award for a paper published in JACC that is considered to an outstanding contribution in the field of atherosclerosis

Representative results from participants showing atherosclerosis progression (left) and regression (disappearance of plaques, right) in arteries of the neck (carotids) and groin (femorals). Each image pair shows the results of the initial study at baseline and the follow-up study of the same artery 6 years later. The images show representative vascular ultrasound images on the right and 3-dimensional reconstructions on the left.
20 Nov 2023

Atherosclerosis, previously believed to be an irreversible progressive disease, can be reversed if risk factors are contolled early enough

Dr. Fuster
6 Mar 2023

A study could change management of patients who are not critically ill

Pablo García Pavía and Luis Escobar
12 Sep 2022

The findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), will enable physicians to make appropriate treatment adjustments for patients with this disease

Fernando de Frutos y el Dr. Pablo García Pavía.
29 Aug 2022

The findings, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), represent a first step towards the personalized treatment of patients with this disease

Valentín Fuster
About the CNIC
4 Apr 2022

CNIC leader will be recognized for his exceptional achievements at the 71st annual conference

. 3D model of a femoral artery obtained by real 3D imaging, revealing the location, number, and extent of distinct atherosclerotic plaques. In this sample, three plaques can be discerned (arrows), at the femoral bifurcation and distributed along the superficial branch.
16 Mar 2022

Scientists at the CNIC have led the development of a new three dimensional ultrasound method that improves the assessment of cardiovascular risk in healthy individuals

30 Aug 2021

The safety, availability, and robust biological effect of metoprolol could together be enough to consider its use in young patients admitted to the ICU with severe COVID-19