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E.g., 29/03/2023
E.g., 29/03/2023
16 Jan 2019

Poor quality sleep increases the risk of atherosclerosis according to the PESA CNIC- Santander Study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC)

8 Jan 2019

The expression on lymphocytes of the molecule CD69 inversely predicts the development of subclinical (symptom-free) atherosclerosis independently of classical cardiovascular risk factors

Dr. Valentín Fuster
About the CNIC
19 Jan 2018

The results of our research will allow an economic return of the investment in terms of reduction in the waiting lists, better use of the equipment or a decrease in the costs of hospitalization

A cholesterol plaque in a carotid artery, visualized by vascular magnetic resonance imaging.
12 Dec 2017

CNIC researchers have demonstrated that, after age and male sex, LDL-C is the main predictor of the presence of arterial atherosclerotic plaques

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14 Nov 2017

The Fuster-BEWAT score evaluates five health indicators: blood pressure, physical activity, body-mass index (BMI), fruit and vegetable intake, and smoking status

De izda. a dcha.: Iciar Areilza, Gonzalo Pizarro y Borja Ibáñez del CNIC, junto a Jesús Sánchez Martos, Consuelo Serrano, José de la Sota y Sara Alfonso, de la Fundación madri+d
About the CNIC
3 Nov 2017

The director of the Madri+d Knowledge Foundation, Jesus Sánchez Martos, visits the Carlos III National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) to learn first-hand about its main lines of research and explore new ways of collaboration

The best way to start the day. A ‘high-energy’ breakfast could consist of a cup of coffee, milk or yogurt, fruit, and wholemeal bread with tomato and olive oil
3 Oct 2017

The PESA study shows that people who regularly eat a ‘low energy’ breakfast (supplying less than 5% of recommended daily calorie intake) double their risk of developing atherosclerosis independently of classical cardiovascular risk factors

3D ultrasound of the right carotid artery. An atherosclerotic plaque is visible as a small protrusion (arrow) in the vessel wall of the internal branch of the proximal carotid artery (bottom), close to the bifurcation. In contrast, the surface of the disease-free external branch (top) is smooth (asterisk).
24 Jul 2017

CNIC researchers show the value of total atherosclerosis burden for the identification of individuals at risk of cardiovascular disease

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7 Feb 2011

El estudio nace con el objetivo de identificar de manera precoz el riesgo cardiovascular