Inés Martínez Martín

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Inés Martínez Martín is, in 2018, a fourth-year student of the B.Sc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Prior to joining CNIC, Inés participated in internships related to the field of Molecular Neurobiology at Instituto Cajal-CSIC, and of Neurophysiology at Boston University (Boston, USA). In summer 2017 she joined the Molecular Mechanics of the Cardiovascular System Lab at CNIC as a student of the CICERONE program. During this program, she became interested in the application of Biophysics and single-molecule techniques in the study of proteins. She also performed experiments using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to measure mechanical properties of sarcomeric proteins.

Now, she is carrying out her Final Degree Project in this same lab, analyzing the effect of oxidative modifications as regulators of mechanical properties of sarcomeric proteins.