Molecular Mechanics of the Cardiovascular System

Old news

  • October 2019. The Spanish Biochemical Society (SEBBM) features Jorge in their outreach section. Publication can be accessed from here.
  • Summer 2019. Congratulations to David Sánchez and Inés Martínez for getting the maximum qualification for their Degree Thesis.
  • January 2019. Check out our review on the redox regulation of titin mechanics.
  • January 2019. We start the collaborative project Tec4Bio, funded by the Regional Government of Madrid and coordinated by F. Moreno-Herrero at CNB. We’ll develop new technologies to study biology and human diseases.
  • July 2018. We are part of the Spanish Network of Excellence in Mechanobiology, alongside terrific cell biologists, and theoreticians.
  • October 2018. Congratulations Carla and Ángel for your EMBO and Boehringer Travel Fellowships to visit the labs of Prof. Vunjak-Novakovic (Columbia U.) and Prof. Linke (Muenster U.)
  • September 2018. We host at CNIC the midterm meeting of MINOTAUR, a European Consortium funded by ERA-CVD to study metabolic therapies against heart failure.
  • August 2018. Jorge is awarded the element Arsenic in the periodic table of younger chemists of the IUPAC.
  • January 2018. Our paper describing disulfide isomerization as a new mechanism of titin elasticity is out.
  • January 2018. We welcome Ángel Fernández-Trasancos, a postdoctoral scientist who will lead generation of novel animal models to study protein mechanobiology in heart disease.
  • December 2017. We have very good news regarding our application to the Spanish Grant Program. We will get a fully funded PhD fellowship (FPI) in 2018. If interested in applying, contact Jorge.
  • February 2018. Elías will present our latest results about titin oxidation at the Biophysical Society Meeting (San Francisco, US).
  • September 2017. We will be presenting our latest results about titin oxidation at the European Muscle Conference in Potsdam, Germany.
  • July 2017. We collaborate to define the evolution of titin in the vertebrate lineage, just published in  Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.
  • June 2017: we welcome Inés Martínez and David Sánchez our cicerone students for the summer.
  • May 2017. We participate in the science fair organized by FECYT. Take a second to admire our handcrafted sarcomere designed by Natalia. Titin is definitely a molecular spring!
  • November 2016. We participated in several activities of Madrid’s Science Week. We saw fermentation in action and chromatography at local school CEIP Tagore.
  • November 2016. The VI CNIC conference “Mechanical Forces in Physiology and Disease” was a success! We have learned a good deal from world leaders in many aspects of mechanobiology. Thank you all for coming!
  • November 2016. We welcome PhD student Maria Rosaria Pricolo from Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" who will spend six months with us investigating pathogenic mechanisms in cardiomyopathies.
  • October 2017. We are happy to be part of MINOTAUR, a European Consortium who will be funded by ERA-CVD to study metabolic therapies against heart failure.

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